Our Story


It all started with one failed (Valentine’s Day) attempt at trying to make a couple steaks on a gas grill. While the burnt flavor of gas and charred meat left a very memorable taste on the palate, Ty decided that was NOT a taste he ever wanted to re-produce again.

Ty Sherrell began experimenting with different methods of smoking, grilling, mari

nade methods, rub/spices, and a variety of proteins; always seeking to excel in the craft. Overtime, he became increasingly interested in growing with multiple names in the barbecue industry to help others learn the fundamentals of conquering the intimidation surrounding the smoker. He began utilizing this newfound passion to help others struggling with the basic methods of grilling, smoking, and flavorful menu options.


Fast forward to today, Ty Sherrell, the owner of TX Brew & Barbecue has built a brand that continues to push the boundaries with new, mouthwatering meals and flavors. He has built a successful brand that helps teach beginner barbecue enthusiasts how to advance and be more confident with their smoking and grilling technique.

TX Brew & Barbecue’s foundation was built on bringing families and friends together. Ty regularly hosts barbecue classes and workshops, teaching others the secrets to creating deliciously edible barbecue dishes at home. Over the years, TX Brew & Barbecue has continued to partner with many brands in the barbecue, food, and drink industry in an unforgettable way.

Recently, TX Brew & Barbecue was part of the exclusive launch for Eight Beer in our home state of Texas.

While Texas is known for its slogan “Everything is Bigger in Texas”, this launch and partnership exceeded that statement. Eight Beer was founded by Troy Aikman, with a profound tagline that reads, “No Shortcuts, No Excuses”, and our brand has the same ideology. Partnered alongside Eight Beer, TX Brew & Barbecue went on an exclusive Texas College Football tail-gating tour, bringing their craft beverage right alongside authentic Texas Barbecue.


This was the biggest independent beer launch in the history of Texas. Some of our tailgating sites included: SMU, A&M, UT, Texas Tech, and a final hurrah at AT&T Stadium, Home of the Dallas Cowboys. 

TX Brew & Barbecue smoked a variety of menu options for thousands of people who shared the same love of football, fun, family, & friends.

Keeping our passion for a variety of flavor options in the forefront, TX Brew & Barbecue launched 3 original rubs in 2022. Partnering with one of the biggest Grocery Store Chains in Texas, H-E-B!

Our authentically branded rubs continue to sell at an exponential rate.

Our 3 rubs include:
Boo-yah: All season rub
Yard-Bird: (The #1 seller)
While each rub has its own authentic flavor, we take pride in original branding that also ties TX Brew & Barbecue’s light humor, energetic marketing, and simplicity into our product line. We also ship throughout the United States, reaching a large number of other territories in the US.

TX Brew & Barbecue has plans to continue expanding our lines of rubs and adding other categories of marinades and supplies to our lineup in 2023.

TX Brew & Barbecue joined forces with Lockhart BBQ in Arlington, TX and hosted a collaborative class deep in the heart of Texas Live!, at Troy’s Venue. With a sold-out class, Ty Sherrell & the pitmaster for TX Live! put their skills on display for a large audience of barbecue enthusiasts. With levels ranging from zero, beginner, intermediate, to advanced- these classes bring a new technique to everyone at a different level, and that is the exact goal of TX Brew & Barbecue. This launch was such a success, TX Brew & Barbecue has been invited back with an opportunity to make this an annual event.

TX Brew & Barbecue has a vision that brings everyone together. We truly believe in how powerful collaborations with other pit masters are and we want to continue to let that lead our future collaborative classes throughout the US.


Most notably, our long-term partnership with the Recteq brand continues to be, by far, one of the most profound relationships within the pellet grill industry. For the past 3 years, TX Brew & Barbecue has been part of the Recteq family. Ty continues to be invited to offer classes, showcase skills, and collaborate alongside this leading brand. This opportunity continues to light the fire for Ty and those looking to begin their backyard adventure.

Ty values the ability to work alongside their sister company, Durty Girl- which is beverage company that creates many canned drinks and a variety of mixers in the state of Georgia.

Ty Sherrell is not shy when it comes to spreading his love for barbecue with the world. He has been featured on Channel 8 & Fox 4 News, in Texas. With each airing he shared simple tips, tricks, and delicious menu options for all occasions. TX Brew & Barbecue will soon be featured in our Texas County magazine, and we are excited to branch out into larger audiences in the upcoming year.

TX Brew & Barbecue has produced, hosted, and filmed several online episodes where we toured many locally owned, small businesses in the barbecue restaurant industry as well as local craft beer spots. Finding the joy and passion, as well as bringing recognition to the hard work, dedication, and reward of building one’s own business is a key element in our brand.

We want to continue to let that shine by branching OUT of Texas and linking arms with barbecue hot spots across the US. We believe in doing this in a fun, collaborative way.


Ty Sherrell has personally, been invited to privately cook for Celebrities and it’s a humble honor that continues to remind him that his success all started with a Gas-burnt Valentine’s Day steak.

2023 has just begun and we are ready to skyrocket to the next level. TX Brew & Barbecue see’s the future in bringing elements of Texas Barbecue to some of the leading barbecue techniques in each of the different areas across the US. We have big goals to continue to lead large events where Barbecue enthusiasts can show case their skills, showcase their great state (and
everything it has to offer), and bring people together in the process.

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Ty Sherrell was featured in Midlothian Now and Ellis County Now magazines this Fabruary

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